Applying For A Rental Property

If you are interested in applying for a property to rent through our office, please read through the following information.

Prior to an Application

Find a property suitable to your requirements.  Arrange a viewing appointment with our Property Manager.  If the property and rental terms suit, please feel free to make an application for the property.

Making an Application

Application Forms are at our office at Shop 3, 11 Pacific Drive, Horseshoe Bay or a copy of the necessary Application For Tenancy can be downloaded and printed off via the PDF document on this web page.

This completed application form, together with copies of your relevant identification (as below) can then be emailed to or delivered to our office If you are bringing your application to our office, please do so during the following hours:

Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Application Terms

You must provide copies of the following documentation in order to process your application. If you cannot produce any of these documents, you must contact the office, prior to making the application, as this will slow down the application process.

  • Photo ID – eg Drivers Licence, 18+ Card, Passport
  • Proof of Income – Pay slips, Centrelink Statement, Letter from Employer. If you do not have an income, you need to be able to prove how you are going to be able to pay the rent, ie documents to prove substantial savings, or offer to pay a substantial rental period in advance.
  • Proof of Current Address eg Utility Statement (ie electicity account).

In most instances, we are able to process your application within 48 hours, if we are unable to contact all your referees, this process may take longer. There is no need to phone our office during this process as you will be advised of your application status at all times via a sms/email.

If the owner accepts your application you will be required sign the lease documents, pay 2 weeks rent and the equivalent of 4 weeks as bond.

The first 2 weeks rent and the bond are to be paid prior to moving into the property and the preferred method of payment is by EFTPOS or cash at the premises.  We do not accept personal cheques

The day before or the morning of your commencement lease day, you will be required to make an appointment to sign the lease documents, Bond forms, etc before being handed the keys.  You will also be given an RTA Entry Condition Report. This has been completed by our office, and you are required to complete your section, sign and return it to our office within 3 working days from the commencement of your lease.